All Your Needs...Right In Town

Save gas, save money, and save time by shopping right here in town. Our deli meat prices are lower than those large stores that cost you $5 in gas and 20 minutes to drive to! Come in and check out all our competitively priced grocery items and enjoy our friendly neighborhood service.


We're here for you morning, noon and night. From that hot cup of coffee and bakery fresh donut in the a.m. -- to a quick and yummy lunch from our deli -- to the meat, veggies, and potatoes for your family supper.

We have everything you need for your weekends too! The freshest meat for the grill, ready made salads and side dishes, and don't forget the tasty beverages!

Cool Ideas for Hot Summer Days

Who wants to stand over a hot stove or heat up the kitchen with the oven? Here's 5 tips for feeding your family without breaking a sweat.

1. Salads - Dinner Style. Some meat, some cheese, some fruit, and of course the lettuce -- all four food groups on one plate. For cool and refreshing salad meals, check out this website: Salad For Dinner


2. From Side Dish to Main Dish. Turn your favorite cold side dish into a hearty main meal. Add cubed ham and peas or bacon and broccoli to your favorite potato salad. Beef up pasta salad with sliced pepperoni and mushrooms. Add leftover chicken and halved cherry tomatoes to macaroni salad.

3. Potato Bar. Microwave some potatoes and fill the table with your favorite toppings: cheese, cooked broccoli, crumbled bacon, chili, onions -- whatever your family likes. Everyone makes their own custom "loaded" potato.

4. Sandwiches - not just for lunch! Tuna, chicken, and egg salad are all protein powerhouses. Add some cut up fresh veggies and dip and you have a refreshingly cool, yet satisfyingly filling dinner.

5. Crack out the crock pot. Have a hearty and hot meal for supper without heating up the kitchen. Here's our favorite site for crock pot recipes: Crock pot Favorites 

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Daily Lunch Specials


Monday: BBQ Pork

Tuesday: Sloppy Joe's

Wednesday: Jeff's Choice

Thursday: Chili Dogs/Taco Dogs

Summerfield Market has been a Petersburg landmark for over 60 years. Owned and operated by John and Kay Pirolli since 1983, this family run business serves customers in Petersburg and the surrounding communities 365 days a year.